Fallow land

It’s been a while since I wrote anything in the blog, but I hadn’t forgotten it. It’s been a mixture of too many things going on in real life and a severe case of writer’s block, so I have been putting off writing a new entry for too long. I suppose I have left the mundane took over and, like my beautiful maple, I’ve lost the glossy red for the utilitarian green.

All this stems from my chronic lack of organisation and too many time-suckers (mobile-phone anyone?); these addictions are something I’d like to tackle seriously because they prevent me from accomplishing things. During this off the grid time, I decided to stop complaining about everything I don’t like and taking steps to change them; and if so far no measurable results have taken place, I’m at least happier and I’ve managed to keep the blues away.

It doesn’t help that I haven’t picked up the Tarot cards since; I don’t have any decent excuses to account for that either. To be honest, I did some practice with the Lenormand oracle with disappointing results. I was doing a reading using the “no-layout” method recommended by Sylvie Steinbach: you look for the most appropriate card for the query in the deck and read the cards before and after it. In this case, the query was about work and, after the querent shuffled the cards, the Fox turned up last. No more cards after it.

Would that be because the querent was going to lose his job? I didn’t think so at the time, but his team was restructured the day after the reading and his position was (and still is) somehow in the air. If anyone has a theory on that, please do share!

I’ll be talking about addictions and our dark places next.

So small steps, folks. Like that ivy.

Tree by the Avon.
Tree by the Avon.

2 thoughts on “Fallow land

  1. I am lucky I don’t own a cell phone but I do tend to waste time looking at Internet things when I should be in the real world.

    My theory of blogging is that it’s important to keep it reasonably current. You may find it ultimately isn’t important to you and let it go. I know people that post five times a day–I don’t know where they get the energy. I have no idea how people can do Facebook and Twitter and mobile phones, blogging, numerous e-mails and forums and retain their sanity–it would be overload for me. It should be enjoyable for you, so if you can settle into a pattern you enjoy, that is fun, then keep it up, otherwise don’t feel guilty.

    1. Thanks JJ, I was just in a guilt-trip because I spend too much time dawdling and not enough doing things. I suppose I take it too seriously and forget about the fun part! Thanks for the reminder 😀

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