New deck!

Alexander Daniloff
Alexander Daniloff

I have just received in the post the full set of cards by Alexander Daniloff and boy, are they beautiful! I had been longing for them for a few months and as I found with a bit of extra money at the end of last month, I decided to treat myself.

Apologies for the poor quality of the image, but I’ve taken the photo with the only camera I’ve got: the one in my mobile phone and it’s not ideal; I should invest in a proper camera! Anyway, if you want to have a better look, go to his page: and have a look. You can purchase the whole deck or just the Major Arcana.

I’ve made a selection of the ones I liked more at first glance: Herakles in the 7 of wands; the amazing Chariot; the ever-so-sweet Wheel of Fortune…

I particularly love his take on the 8 of wands: all those weapons, each with a different point, make me think of how we have to use different approaches to crack a particularly difficult goal.

As you can see, it follows the classical Rider-Waite design in some of the Minor Arcana, but I don’t see that as something negative. The artist’s graphic language is so personal that he succeeds in making them new and different; plus it makes them quickly understandable. My favourite suit in this deck are the Swords.

My only issue is that they are so beautiful that I don’t want to shuffle them; I feel like my hands are paws and I’m going to damage them, as if they are flowers or a new-born baby.

Once I’m over being lovesick, I’m going to ask them something, I don’t know what yet. Although, now that I see the cards I picked up again, they may be telling me something already! What do you reckon?


5 thoughts on “New deck!

  1. Those are rather lovely. I am considering a deck, one of my wooden boxes is empty as I have cleared that deck to use in craft projects….I dislike it after my initial curiosity (as I have and am discussing in my Tuesday Tarot posts. If I had those cards in a layout, I would consider myself having a challenge to take….something requiring control and craftsmanship, but inspiration and a workman-like attitude. The two of swords, for me? Usually connotes a long-standing issue that remains inadequately dealt with.

    I am grappling, however, with whether I want another deck, or if I simply need to double down on what I HAVE….but as always, I remain willing to be seduced by beauty!

    1. Oh, they are beautiful indeed!
      Have you really used a deck for crafting? That’s a wonderful idea; when I get bored of a deck, I normally pass it on on Freecycle or to friends, but that opens up a whole world of possibilities. You should see my face now!
      Thanks for the input, I was thinking about how I can improve in job interviews as I’ve gone to 4 the last month and, despite having a fighting chance, I’m never the chosen one.

      1. I have….I had two incomplete copies of the deck I call “Pagan 2000″….I used one (after ‘fixing’ the other deck by constructing the missing 6 of swords out of two other sword cards), to decoupage a little chest with 16 drawers…square and about 4″ x 4” in size. It made a terrific gift to a craftswoman who did stained glass and needed storage for small sorted bits of colored glass. I’ve also made some bookmarks with unused cards. And I am considering making ‘photo-framed’ greeting cards at some point.

        Jobs are tough right now, my Manchild is interviewing and applying like mad. Me, I find the cards let me into locked rooms in myself —hints of what I am missing in some endeavor, so perhaps they will give you a hint on the interviews. Best of luck, of course!

  2. I reckon you are lucky!! I think it’s wonderful that you saved up for these. I really want them too but I have to use my money on house repairs and I had 2 pictures sitting around I desperately wanted framed.

    Finding work is tough. I used to find that working as a temp through an agency helped me, because prospective employers could see qualities like initiative or discipline etc. while I worked that may not have been apparent in an interview. I always got offered jobs that way.

    Good luck, lovely to see you posting again!

    1. Thanks JJ! I forgot to mention the lovely heraldic motives in the court cards, I’ll have to post a pic of them.
      A few years ago, I looked for my family crest and from my father’s side, it was a black knight over a silver castle and from my mother’s side, a red and gold checkerboard. Quite interesting! Squirreling away some money worked for me, specially as the boiler decided to break down and the bath taps started dripping uncontrollably so it was bill after bill after bill. You’ll manage to sort out that kitchen!

      Thanks for the advice and the good vibes! I’ve got an interview lined up next Thursday.

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