Tunnel vision

Tarot of the Witches, 1973
Tarot of the Witches, U.S. Games Systems 1973

I have been obsessed  terribly focused with things going a certain way during most of last year, workwise mostly. No matter how many setbacks I faced, I kept plowing through until I did find all the doors closed. It’s difficult when something you thought it was a good idea turns out to be a dead end; yes, those things happen all the time, however I have found it hard to pick up the pieces and try to find that elusive window.

I have asked the Tarot of the Witches why I wanted that so badly? The not so rational answers are that I was terrified of staying in the same place for too long, that I am approaching the big 4-0 and there are so many things I haven’t accomplished yet.

So to end with these grim opening tones, I’m quite happy with these cards. I can see the past and the future at the same time if that makes sense.

You can see the queen of swords, stuck in her ways, looking at only one possible outcome with her beady eyes, thinking that there will be success and roads opening up everywhere because it cannot be any other way. Although none of her plans came to fruition, she should’ve known better.

However, the suggestions for the future are a bit different, more hopeful: don’t be scared of all those changes ahead, with time you’ll be at peace with your memories and your choices, you’ll accept the mistakes as part of life. If only you use your mental power wisely…

So I’ve taken that advice on board and signed up for a mindfulness meditation course. It’s hard work!


One thought on “Tunnel vision

  1. Queenie also cuts through BS, so you might find her helpful. I think with mindfulness meditation…it does tend to override the strictly rational (Queen) and open things up. That’s great you could find a course. I struggle with it, mostly with the timing.

    40 is, well, it feels like the last chance, this is just a feeling, mindfulness will help with that one!

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