A bit of Court-heavy fun

Here I was waiting for the screening of the last episode of the season of Game of Thrones in the UK and I thought about reading the cards about what is going to happen. I have to say that I’m Sullied (i.e. I’ve read the books so I kind of know what to expect. Although not anymore the way things are going now, I digress…)  I was trying to decide which deck of my modest collection would be more suitable for such endeavour:

  • the Barbara Walker: too Melisande-ish but dark enough
  • Marseille: it would be ideal if I wasn’t so emotionally invested in the story, that’s how to bias a reading alright
  • Crowley: it’s too hermetic for me, we just don’t have chemistry.

And then, I thought this is going to be a very Court heavy reading.  I’ll pick up the Daniloff deck, because its Court cards are so gorgeous. And this is going to be a general reading after all, I may pick up other deck when I ask about a particular character.

So I shuffled and these are cards from the cut (I like to make three piles). Let’s say I’m happy this reading is for fictional characters, it’ll be a grim opening if I had had to read this cards to an actual person.

All your dreams, your hopes going down the drain.
All your dreams, your hopes, going down the drain.

I have used the inverted pyramid, a dense spread whose information cascades down in the laterals and percolates through the smaller steps. It’s got two focal points: the tip at the bottom and the one at the centre, with the Hierophant laying on that position in this spread. In the complete spread, we’ve go everyone: Tyrion in his cell, brokenhearted, Arya on the second row… I won’t say anymore. I hate spoilers. I will, however, make some predictions, but not on this post 😉

I’m off for now, the episode is on now.


2 thoughts on “A bit of Court-heavy fun

  1. Boy these cards are so nice.

    I never could get into Game of Thrones–even tried it in graphic novel form, but just not my thing I guess. They seem to have spent a lot of money on the television production.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment, JJ! It’s always a pleasure to hear from you.
      That said, I’m very sorry my pitiful photographic skills don’t make them justice! Funny you say so, I started with the graphic novel and it all spiraled down in an addictive frenzy 😉 The author first makes you love the characters and then kills them in the most awful ways. It’s just the right atmosphere to practise with inverted cards and schadenfreude 😮

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