I crossed the river

Yesterday was a momentous occasion for me, I finished off the last step to get a degree. I started studying with the Open University back in 2009 and I have been toddling along with courses until this academic year when I completed all the points I needed to get the degree: 360. I have trained to master number, but anyone with open eyes can appreciate this beautiful symmetry.

It’s a nice circle, is it not?; however I am not the same person I was when I started, I am Heraclitus’ river. 7 years have passed, nobody is the same, regardless of whether one decides to do something or stop doing another thing.

This fact, this slow burning, hasn’t sunk down yet.

So I have asked the cards, What now?

The Wild Wood Tarot, a deck whose artwork I adore but that doesn’t get used much because the stock is wee bit flimsy so it doesn’t shuffle particularly well.

Take time to relax and celebrate your accomplishment. O well, I suppose that spending all that time on delayed gratification mode does something to your brain.

Remember that you have gained something that was rightfully yours: you have reclaimed your weapons (note how the circle is now part of them) and can face whatever it’s coming.

You have crossed that river, so go and explore the land. You are a free spirit.



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