The main purpose of this blog is to make peace with my interest in Tarot. Back in my teen-aged years, I enjoyed learning all about the cards and their meanings and practicing readings as many times as possible. But there was a point when I had to stop dwelling in the numinous and get back to the hard work of mundane life. I stopped dreaming, I busied myself to keep all the hours in the day occupied with endless to-do lists and odd jobs. However, this old passion resurfaced with a vengeance at the beginning of this year so I decided to start this blog.

I also want to share my knowledge and help others that are learning to read the cards themselves, giving tips and hints.

I aim to publish once a week on Fridays, generally talking about a Tarot card; but I also intend to write reviews about decks I own (unfortunately not too many… yet) and, after having been inspired by the fabulous Secret Dakini Oracle, I want to create my own oracle, so I may squeeze some posts about that.

Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. i am delighted and intrigued by your this site and your energy. there is a sense of Timing to this visit, it seems to me…nice! 🙂 i will check back *often*.

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