Friday reading – 3 of wands – Use your gifts wisely or lose them.

The weird sisters :D
The weird sisters 😀

Today we start a feature of the blog, where I give a 1 card reading to anyone who asks for it, don’t be shy!

I’ve decided to use one card only as anything longer will be tedious to read and it will help me to keep focused in the present card. I do consider that one-card spreads are quite difficult to master, specially when you begin reading tarot or any other oracle of your choice, because there are no props, just you and your intuition. This spread is really useful to tune into the energy of the card/deck* and to create your own Tarot lexicon. Do start this practice and let me know if you need any help or clarification.

I may include wider spreads in the future if they are specially insightful. However, there is always a card in them that holds the key of the reading and I will just elaborate on that one.

I want to share that I pay quite a bit of attention to numbers when doing a reading: an abundance of Aces or of 10’s (for mentioning the full gamut) has a meaning that can give you clues about specific time (when something is going to happen) o in which step of the process the consultant is currently immersed. I’ll make a post about this shortly.

Let’s begin!

This time, it’s a question about work. The consultant has a work project and wants to know the present situation and whether it’s an opportunity worth pursuing or not.

The 3’s mean that something is coming to fruition, we are still in the initial steps of the way but we have all the required tools to start this project with a solid foundation. The Weird sisters tinge the meaning of the reading with their strict and powerful nature; sometimes, we think that life is being too hard and, resigned to the inevitability of our destiny and powerless, we think of throwing the towel. Not so, despair is not a feeling we should dwell on**.  The only option is to continue on our path because this is something that we are meant to do.

So, the card tells me that it’s a good opportunity, go for it! There is plenty of work ahead for you but the rewards will be worth it. Remember to make a business plan and advertise your work.

* Further instructions in Gordon’s amazing blog: How to calibrate your oracle – runesoup

** The giant from Stephen P Donaldson’s First Chronicles of Thomas Covenant said something along this lines. I love that Giant.