4 of pentacles, why, oh why?

I just read the tarot for a friend, who had laid out a tarot spread about her boyfriend. The issue, in a nutshell, was that she wanted to move out of their current living accomodation into a bigger place; initially, he agreed but now he seemed a bit reluctant to commit.

In the spread, there was a 4 of pentacles, she thought that it meant that her boyfriend needed to take the plunge, grab the bull by the horns, etc.. Because in the book she is following said so. I pointed out that 4’s are numbers of equilibrium, of being static, of not willing/wanting to change.

In her discharge, she is just starting to learn how to read the tarot, fed up of me saying that I’ve lost the mojo and can’t see anything anymore. However, when she showed me the cards, the whole narrative unfolded before my eyes and I was able to give her a reading about her boyfriend’s state of mind. All this was by email as unfortunately we leave away from each other. The day after, she let him read what I said and he confirmed that I was spot on. They had a very honest conversation about their expectations about each other and their relationship and things seems to be going forward nicely.

I have to ask for her permission to publish the spread with her interpretation and my comments, as I think that it’s a very graphic example of a spread that “sings” .

Anyway, as I’ve been sending her a few emails explaining her certain things about tarot and as one of my goals for 2013 was taking up writing more seriously, I’ve decided to start a blog where anyone can use as a reference when learning to read the cards.

I plan to talk about the different meanings of the cards, what they mean when they are in pairs, numerology, spreads, different decks… I may include some comments on books I’ve read/own about this topic.

I don’t read tarot for a living, but I’ve been passionate about the cards since my early teens. My sister and me started at the same time, but it seemed that I got it right most of the times, so I kind of stuck with it.

So, to keep my mystic muscles flexed, I plan to to give a reading weekly to anyone who wants it. It will be a single card initially, as it will fit nicely with the tone of my blog that is sharing my knowledge.