A bit of Court-heavy fun

Here I was waiting for the screening of the last episode of the season of Game of Thrones in the UK and I thought about reading the cards about what is going to happen. I have to say that I’m Sullied (i.e. I’ve read the books so I kind of know what to expect. Although not anymore the way things are going now, I digress…)  I was trying to decide which deck of my modest collection would be more suitable for such endeavour:

  • the Barbara Walker: too Melisande-ish but dark enough
  • Marseille: it would be ideal if I wasn’t so emotionally invested in the story, that’s how to bias a reading alright
  • Crowley: it’s too hermetic for me, we just don’t have chemistry.

And then, I thought this is going to be a very Court heavy reading.  I’ll pick up the Daniloff deck, because its Court cards are so gorgeous. And this is going to be a general reading after all, I may pick up other deck when I ask about a particular character.

So I shuffled and these are cards from the cut (I like to make three piles). Let’s say I’m happy this reading is for fictional characters, it’ll be a grim opening if I had had to read this cards to an actual person.

All your dreams, your hopes going down the drain.
All your dreams, your hopes, going down the drain.

I have used the inverted pyramid, a dense spread whose information cascades down in the laterals and percolates through the smaller steps. It’s got two focal points: the tip at the bottom and the one at the centre, with the Hierophant laying on that position in this spread. In the complete spread, we’ve go everyone: Tyrion in his cell, brokenhearted, Arya on the second row… I won’t say anymore. I hate spoilers. I will, however, make some predictions, but not on this post 😉

I’m off for now, the episode is on now.


Tunnel vision

Tarot of the Witches, 1973
Tarot of the Witches, U.S. Games Systems 1973

I have been obsessed  terribly focused with things going a certain way during most of last year, workwise mostly. No matter how many setbacks I faced, I kept plowing through until I did find all the doors closed. It’s difficult when something you thought it was a good idea turns out to be a dead end; yes, those things happen all the time, however I have found it hard to pick up the pieces and try to find that elusive window.

I have asked the Tarot of the Witches why I wanted that so badly? The not so rational answers are that I was terrified of staying in the same place for too long, that I am approaching the big 4-0 and there are so many things I haven’t accomplished yet.

So to end with these grim opening tones, I’m quite happy with these cards. I can see the past and the future at the same time if that makes sense.

You can see the queen of swords, stuck in her ways, looking at only one possible outcome with her beady eyes, thinking that there will be success and roads opening up everywhere because it cannot be any other way. Although none of her plans came to fruition, she should’ve known better.

However, the suggestions for the future are a bit different, more hopeful: don’t be scared of all those changes ahead, with time you’ll be at peace with your memories and your choices, you’ll accept the mistakes as part of life. If only you use your mental power wisely…

So I’ve taken that advice on board and signed up for a mindfulness meditation course. It’s hard work!

The queens locking horns

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I hit a wall and wasn’t feeling inspired at all. It seems that my mojo comes and goes without any regular pattern, so I need a change of plans in order to publish more regularly. However, I’ve got an exam coming up, so I just need to be more organised. I plan to spend some time each day prepping this blog as a rest from revising.

Anyway, I’ve got a spread to discuss today, a friend from Twitter asked me to look into some new work project he’s undertaking so I asked him to draw 6 cards and send me a picture of them. To be honest, I should’ve asked him to draw 7 cards, as it’s a spread I’m more familiar with. Nice and easy, with 3 cards for the past, the one in the center as the present situation and the last three for the future. There is another spread that I like, specially useful for mundane divination, so if you are using tarot, I recommend to take the major arcana out and use just the minor arcana. I know this is a bit controversial, but for certain questions, I do believe that using the Major Arcana seems overkill.

Three rows of 7 cards, with the centre cards as the focal points:

  • the bottom one is the past
  • the middle one is the present
  • the top one is the future

It is a wonderful spread for the wealth of information it yields and also for how easy it is to link the different meanings of the cards. It certainly helped me to find my feet while I was learning the tarot. Plus one can always go into more depth with a celtic cross to clarify certain points; although it took me some time before I felt confident to move on to the celtic cross. You may have seen similar ones when reading the Lenormand* cards. Although I think the Grand Tableau uses all 36 cards and there are just 21 in this one.

So, after telling myself off for asking for 6 cards instead of 7, I started looking for a spread with 6 cards and I came across faerygodmother’s awesome blog: Faerygodmother: My top ten relationship card spreads. And there is it, the last one, the harsh truth has 6 cards! Excellent, I can use that.

The positions are as follows: 1*3*2

6 card spread, using Barbara Walker Tarot
6 card spread, using Barbara Walker Tarot

Let’s go to the reading:

1. What you want to be true: Queen of Swords

2. What you don’t want to be true: 2 of Wands

3. What it’s true: Justice

4. What you want to happen: 8 of Wands

5. What you don’t want to happen: Queen of Wands

6. What will happen: Strength

Although the question was about work, those two queens (one of them is his mum or someone older than him and the other one, his partner) are telling me something else, as this is a spread for a man, however I’m going to try to focus on the work side of things.

1. What you want to be true: (Queen of Swords) He’s a person that is capable of a long sustained effort to achieve his goals, he wants to prove himself that he can make it on his own. I’d also say that he’s forgotten his own strength as he feels attacked by everyone and his uncle.

2. What you don’t want to be true: (2 of Wands) He thought that the way to his goals was going to be easier. He has taken an important step, but there is still a lot of hard work ahead. He feels his knees weaken at that thought.

3. What it is true: (Justice) I’ve always thought of the Justice as a karmic card, so I’d say that he is now where he needs to be (as if he wasn’t before because he was living someone else’s expectations of how his life should be and he’s now broken free from that), that he is in a quest to find his inner voice, his inner strength. It is very important that he cross-examine his motivations before committing to do anything, as he has a tendency to play fair even when the rest of the players in the game aren’t.

4. What you want to happen: (8 of Wands) He wants things happening and happening now, there is a slight whiff of desperation as if his patience has run out and needs some action straight away. I’d suggest him to stop and meditate, to take this opportunity to take some time out for himself now that things are slow.

5. What you don’t want to happen: (Queen of Wands) He doesn’t want to be bossed around, I’d say that he is also worried about how much money his partner is spending (is she financially independent? I’d ask)

6. What will happen: (Strength) The test he must pass is to find the courage to speak his truth. It is crucial for him to speak up, otherwise situations from his past, where he has done as he was told to, will arise again. This is his Rubicon for the classically inclined or his Punxsutawney for the Bill Murray lovers 😉

I think that although things are a bit slow at the moment, his project is likely to pick up from where it is now and grow steadily. I wouldn’t worry about that if I were him. However, the main undertone of the reading is the tension between the two queens. Oh boy, I wouldn’t like to be in his position. There is a lot of diplomacy to be used and gallons of oil to be poured onto troubled waters.

He must be firm and listen to his heart first, instead of trying to please them.

*I bought a Mystic Lenormand oracle and I have started studying them, but it’s early days, I am not fluent in their language yet.I’m keeping a handwritten journal with the daily draws, I may post something if I find it interesting.