Whom do you serve?

Borderless Deviant Moon.

I used to have the previous version of this deck and I loved it so much that I wanted to share its beauty and I gave it away. But I had to buy another one. Because one can never have enough decks; I also bought it directly from the artist so I was promoting art, even if it was in a selfish way.

Anyway, in my recent tarot course, I saw some of the students ask a question to their new decks to start building rapport with them and also to know them more, to find out what the deck is good for: spiritual, mundane, love questions… What is your purpose? What are you good for? Whom do you serve?

It may seem a bit of overkill having several decks for different purposes and most people would be perfectly fine with a single deck that can be used for all sorts. Most traditional decks (Marseille, WS…) are like this, a blank canvas of pure symbols that can adapt to whichever question is put before them because they speak directly to our conscience, but I’ve found that more modern or novelty decks that, albeit interesting, solid and trustworthy), are lacking in potency and sharpness and are, therefore, more useful if used for one thing only.

So I was shuffling the cards, thinking about the random patterns that connect us all and about what my boss wanted to talk about next week and whether I should do a divination before cursing someone and that I wished I was under that thick blanket of rain that was falling there and then, basically doing it all wrong and not focusing in a particular question. Those two cards, The Hermit and The Moon, kept popping out the deck (at least twice each) breaking my daydreaming.

This is their message: Pay attention and I will show you people’s secret driving forces.

If you can read Spanish, you can read my take on these cards in my other blog. I use the same cards but I don’t usually talk about the same things. It’s a bit of an experiment, to find out whether I think of different things in different languages and also to practice writing. Spanish is my mother tongue, however I am a bit rusty on the writing department after so many years in the UK.



The nerves on edge

examen02162106I’m at the very last moments of completing my undergraduate degree. One more exam and I’ll have the degree in the bag!

This afternoon I’ve done my second-to-last exam: Mathematical Estadistics, a subject as full of fun and games as its name suggests. I have been studying hard, but none of that have prevented the pre-exam panick I had this morning.

I want to keep calm, to remember that very few things in life are worth worrying for, that it’s all an illusion that one can pop with the pin of wisdom. I’ll get there one day.

Anyway, I decided to draw 3 cards; to force myself to break from the vicious circle of anxiety and focus in the here and now. The cards at hand were the superlovely Trionfi Della Luna, a Marseille version made by Patrick Valenza, the artist behind the not enough praised Deviant Moon Tarot.

Before going into the reading, let us stop for a minute and notice the movement of the characters in the three cards: half-buried, on her knees and standing up.

First, we have three characters gone crazy by fear. Far enough, the grating sound of the horn is enough to get on the nerves of the most  collected and zen among us, but these three have gone a step further and can’t think clearly. The Star is still being gnawed by her anxieties: on her foor, her back, her head… but she remembers the main goal, up in the sky. Then, The Force gets up and gets on with it.

Arise and walk.